PS: Customize Your Prompt


Follow this post to setup a customized PS Prompt. Most of this comes from this post.

To Resolve:

1. Open admin PS and type:

2. Close out of the PS prompt and open ConEmu

#configure it like so:
Settings – Appearance: Single instance mode
Quake Style = Check the slide down checkbox
Startup = Change dropdown to {Shells:Powershell}
Keys and Macro = Assign Ctrl+` #mine was already configured
Colors = Import a theme from here or customize your own.

That’s it! Make sure to add the following to your profile:

Set-Alias vim -Value “C:\Program Files (x86)\vim\vim80\gvim.exe”

Import-Module PSColor

As an addition to this, I like to set my prompt like so..

Copy and paste this into your profile. What it will do is make each command in Powershell or Powershell ISE have it’s own line.

A regular prompt will look like: [Date / Time] [Current Directory]

An Admin prompt will look the same but will have a green [ADMIN] in front.

More info on customizing your prompt can be found here.

Update 2018-03:

My current prompt looks like: