Setting Up A Samba Server On CentOS


Follow these steps to setup a Samba server on CentOS 7. You can learn about samba here. In this example, we are sharing a directory called “/homeShare” from our CentOS VM.

To Resolve:

1. Open a terminal – type:

2. To access from Windows:

2a. Run:

2b. Enter prompts for the username and password, should be “smb/whatever you set”

2c. To map the Samba server share as a network drive either create it through My Computer manually, or right click on the share and select “map network drive”.

3. To access from Linux

#smbclient must be installed on your system, if it isn’t then install it.

3a. Open terminal – type:

NOTE: The IP address is that of the Samba server and the “test” is the user account. It will prompt for a password after running that command.

3b. To mount it, just type:

NOTE: This maps the same Samba share with the same user to the “/mnt/” directory.

3c. In some distro’s you can browse Samba shares just by opening their file explorers and typing “smb://<ipaddress>” in the address bar.