Youtube-DL Download DashStream


If you want to download a stream .m4s but cannot seem to find the mpd file, use this combination.

To Resolve:

1a. Download ‘The Stream Detector’ addon (I use Firefox, not sure if available in Chrome) and the youtube-dl executable.

2. Run:

-o is the file you choose
-c keeps the connection alive
NOTE: If you run into any issues, just run the same command again and it will pick up where it left off

After downloading videos, I often have to shrink them. You can do this with ‘handbrake-cli’.

Shrink MP4 Files:

1. Open the application and right click “Fast 1080p 30” and choose – Export json

2. Run:

3. If you want handbrake to run in batch mode, just pass it a bunch of paths and have it convert them one by one: